dr n. med. Artur Piktel

Oncological surgeon

About me:

1987-1993 Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland

1993-1994 Hospital training at Prof. Dr Stanisław Popowski Regional Specialized Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn

  • 1994 – 2001 Surgical Oncology Ward, Center for Pulmonary Diseases in Olsztyn
  • 1996 – Specialization in general surgery (with distinction)
  • 1996 – present, Co-founder and member of Warmia and Mazury Branch of Polish Society of Oncology
  • 1999 – Head of Regional Oncological Outpatient Clinic in Olsztyn
  • 1999 – Specialization in surgical oncology.
  • 2001- Initiative of founding Group Oncology Practice partnership (from 2007 – Olsztyński Ośrodek Onkologiczny “Kopernik” sp z o.o. (Polish ltd. company) – Director 2001 – 2012
  • 2002 – Founding of Subdivision of Surgical Oncology of the Hospital of Ministry of Interior and Administration in Olsztyn
  • 2002-2004 – Work in Subdivision of Surgical Oncology (in 2004 transformed into Thoracic Surgery Ward) and Endoscopy Laboratory of the Internal Diseases Ward of the Hospital of Ministry of Interior and Administration in Olsztyn
  • 2003 – Doctor’s degree (Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland) – Angiogenesis in colorectal cancer
  • 2003 – Annual Award of the “Proktologia” magazine granted for the best medical publication
  • 2004 – Work in the General and Vascular Surgery Ward of Regional Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn
  • 2005 – Founding a Department of Clinical Trials in the Non-Public Health Care Center – Group Oncology Practice partnership (clinical trials of phases I-III within oncology)
  • 2006 – Manager of the Year 2006 in the category of Non-Public Health Care Centers in the national competition organized by “Termedia”
  • 2008 – present, Initiative and founding of “Ars Medica” sp. z o.o. (Polish ltd. company) – computed tomography and endoscopy, performing endoscopic examination within the activity of the Company
  • 2008-2010 – Deputy chairman of the Social Council of Regional Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn
  • 2011 – Initiative and founding of Europejskie Centrum Chirurgii Plastycznej sp. z o.o. (European Center of Plastic Surgery Polish ltd. company), since 2012 – Profmedicus sp z o.o. (Polish ltd. company), head
  • 2012 – present, Work in Clinical Ward of General and Vascular Surgery and Surgical Oncology of the Regional Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn and Surgical Oncology Clinic in Olsztyn

Hobbies – diving (Rescue Diver PADI), music, sport

Performed examinations:

  • gastroscopy, colonoscopy

Performed procedures:

  • breast, skin, alimentary tract surgery, venous access devices
  • lymph nodes, breast biopsy

Treated diseases:

  • diseases of breast, alimentary tract, skin, soft tissues, and lymph nodes

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